AVK is a global leader within valves and hydrants. Our valves are part of vital infrastructures such as distribution of potable water, cleaning of wastewater, distribution of natural gas for heating and electricity generation, and automatic water sprinkle systems used for fire protection, and our hydrants are used by firefighters when extinguishing fires in our communities. We aim at developing products that will make a difference now and in the future, and which help solving the crucial problem of water loss in many countries. AVK International A/S is part of the AVK Group, a privately owned company employing approx. 4,400 people in 100+ AVK companies worldwide. AVK International A/S employs approx. 230 people, manufactures valves and accessories in our 3 factories in Skovby/Galten, and is overall responsible for the geographical region consisting of Continental Europe, Russia, Central Asian and Caucasian countries, and Northern Africa.