Abdulrahman bin Abdullah Al Samari

Abdulrahman bin Abdullah Al Samari



Abdulrahman Al Samari is the CEO of LCGPA. He is a well-seasoned executive who brings LCGPA a longstanding experience encompassing strategy consulting for public and private sectors coupled with industrial experience in the oil & gas sector. He boasts an extensive experience in business strategy, supply chain development, operational & capital budgeting, workforce planning, and performance measurements. 

Al Samari initiated his successful career at Saudi Aramco where he worked on several assignments related to upstream business strategy, oil operations, capital projects, and systems integration. Moreover, during his capacity as Business Strategy Manager at Accenture, Abdulrahman worked with numerous energy clients (IOCs and NOCs) on local content development, supply and demand analysis, and integrated strategic & business planning focusing on oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors across the Middle East and UK. 

In 2016, Abdulrahman pursued a role contributing towards the execution of Vision 2030 and became a civil servant in the Saudi Government.  He has since served as an advisor at the Ministry of Economy Planning, and is now part of the founding team at LCGPA leading the establishment phase of the authority. 

Abdulrahman holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems.