Domingo Zarzo

Domingo Zarzo


SACYR Water Concessions

Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, University of Alicante, Spain (1988) and PhD, Water and Sustainable Development, University of Alicante, Spain (2017).  

34 years experience in water treatment 

Innovation and Strategic Projects Manager of Sacyr Water (SACYR GROUP) from 1995 and founding member of the company. Previously he worked as a researcher at the Chemical Engineering Department, University of Alicante (1988-1991) and O&M manager in different wastewater treatment plants (1991-1994). 

More than 150 water treatment facilities have been designed and built under his supervision including some of the largest desalination facilities in the world (in Australia, Israel, Algeria, Chile, Spain, Oman, etc.), with different technologies (RO, EDR, NF) as well as large wastewater and reuse plants.  

Member of the Board of Directors (since 2008) and current President of AEDyR (Spanish Desalination and Reuse Association), Member of the Board of Directors of IDA (International Desalination Association) and Member of the Board of Trustees and Scientific Committee in IMDEA Agua (Madrid Institute of Advanced Studies- Water). 

10 years Associate Professor and currently Honorary Collaborator at the Chemical Engineering Department, University of Alicante, Spain. 

Lecturer in different master courses related with water treatment in different universities. 

More than 100 papers and publications in conferences, scientific journals, invited lectures and international congresses and 3 patents on water treatment systems.