His Excellency Eng. Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Abdul-Karim

His Excellency Eng. Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Abdul-Karim

SWCC Governor | Deputy Chairman Of The Board



Awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Abdul-Karim was assigned SWCC Governor as of 2020.
Al-Abdul-Karim has well developed and gained a wealth of practical expertise that highly speaks of his resounding accomplishments, which widely resonate with phenomenal successes in the public and private sectors.

Well-armed with vicarious and first-hand expertise, Al-Abdul-Karim puts into action the feasible strategies and approaches to better enhance business efficiency by applying sustainable economic governance that well contributes to bolstering efficiency, reducing overall costs and developing water industry. Equally important, this is best showcased by further enhancing the mental image and leadership of the Kingdom, par excellence, while proudly presenting it as the leading country in desalination industry across the entire world, beyond compare.

Of great note, Al-Abdul-Karim held several leadership positions in several committees and councils, including leading business re-engineering teams in privatization, restructuring strategic planning, while improving the efficiency of financial planning according to the government policies, to mention but a few.

Coupled with his senior position as SWCC Governor, Al-Abdul-Karim chairs the Board of Directors of the Water Transportation and Technology Company, which is mandated and entrusted with ensuring the economically effective transfer, storage and support of water are all set in motion, alongside the continued development of water state-of-the-art technologies and the maintenance and operation of water transmission systems throughout the Kingdom and beyond.